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Welcome at Panpost… Delivering Smiles Service! Your one stop savings spot, we shop millions of products to find the best one for you at today’s lowest price. Ship to any destination of your choice while you concen- trate on your core business demands! Never pay more than you have to for HERE are the right tools…

Panpost is an African-European courier and procurement service, we are a small team of African courier service in Europe aiming to generate clean and functional courier and procurement services together with you… In solving issues of Nigerian government high cost of clearance of cars, buses, goods, and gifts sent to relatives at home. We have daily flight shipping with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Lagos and dispatch to all towns & villages in Nigeria 

Panpost is also an International Procurement Service for Individual Consumers, Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses, where you can buy over 10 million unique products from over 800,000 independent and creative businesses in over 150 countries and pay with the currency of your choice!

Whether you are new or a veteran user, we have just the right tools to get you on the RIGHT-TRACK, a tailored made service to suit your needs! Panpost …Bridging Europe, Africa and the world. For more information’s on our procurement service please, click KNOW MORE… 

Here at Panpost, you are a V.I.P, tour one stop savings spot! We shop millions of products to find the best one for you at today’s lowest price, never pay more than you have to! The difference between Panpost and others is that things are done exactly as agreed. YOU OR YOUR BENEFICIARIES RECEIVE YOUR ORDER(S) Regardless where you or they resides in the world.

EXPRESS ORDER(S), CAN BE RECEIVE JUST NEXT DAY after processing. You definitely does not need to wait, with our daily flight shipment from Frankfurt, London or Rome you are sure to receive your goods just the next day like you were in London, Paris or Frankfurt! This is where professionalism takes place!

Panpost is known for delivering smiles all over Africa with its free and paid service! Below are our 3 step to smile: 

(1) Search for products you need and place order(s) or you send your goods or parcel(s) with Panpost.
(2) Make your payment. Panpost has different methods of payment: Cash, Bank, Online or Mobile Payment
(3) Then Panpost will do the magic by doing what it knows best, Purchase and Deliver your items where you want it to be delivered without any excuses or hassles.


This is the best idea to purchase at lowest as possible price while you save your ticket cost, visa cost, agent’s hassles and so on… Above all, you tread at gain and with trusted partner. This is also the best ways to receive your orders at home, send gifts to your loved ones regardless where they are or send aids to others. Here at Panpost, we called it, Delivering Smiles!

Between you and Panpost, you have absolutely nothing to lose than to gain. In fact, its all-around win, win affair! For more info on how to shop withPanpost procurement shopping cart? Please, click Here to see how it works or use the procurement shopping cart by right to Start Shopping!

Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Panpost and what is Procurement Service?

A. Panpost is an African-European courier and procurement service, we are a small team of African courier service in Europe aiming to generate clean and functional courier and procurement service together with you… 

Procurement service is the service of acquisition of goods, services or works from an external source (Panpost). It is favorable that the goods, services or works are appropriate and that they are procured at the best possible price to meet the needs of the acquirer in terms of quality and quantity, time, and location. 

Q. For courier service, which products or items can I send with Panpost and how fast?

A. Panpost courier service is where you can send basically anything to Africa or from Africa, E.g. You have old or new phones, tablets, laptops, clothes or basically anything you want to send to your loved ones, with just 25 euro you can send up to 2 kilograms, which is about 12 smartphones or anything, 10 euro for each additional kilogram and in return you can receive fresh foodstuff, personal effects and basically anything. A win-win opportunity! We have daily flight shipment with Lufthansa cargo from Frankfurt to Lagos and dispatch to all towns & villages in Nigeria 

Q. For procurements, which products can I buy at Panpost and how fast?

A. Panpost procurement service is where you can buy over 10 million products from over 800,000 businesses in over 150 countries and pay with the currency of your choice! We have a daily flight shipment with Lufthansa cargo from Frankfurt to Lagos and dispatch to all towns & villages in Nigeria 

Q. How to use panpost procurement shopping cart?

A. A very simple steps to source products direct from the product producers at the best possible price and delivered to you as fast as possible! See step 1 to 17 how it work 

Q. Panpost have a very low service charge with no additional cost on purchase prices, they even offer some free service, how then did they make money?

A. Panpost makes its income through the service charge to cover its operational cost and through royalty from service provider companies, we offer some free services to our regular customers and new customers to grow our monthly purchase rate since more we purchase, more our royalty! 

Q. What happen if my goods get lost?

A. With the kind of delivery operation we use, hardly will any goods get lost but even at it or in case of accident or other natural disaster which may result from loss of goods, Panpost takes security of its customers and their properties very serious and makes sure that all client’s goods are 99% insured in case of loss or lost through delivering process! 

Q. I have never heard of Panpost before, could this be fraud? 

A. Yes, you have never heard of us but now you did. For our transparency and trustworthy services, we are sure you will one day write your own good testimony about our services!

A.a “Could this be fraud?” No! Not at all. In fact, it’s absolutely other ways round. Some of us here at Panpost are from various countries in Africa and you can be more assured that we are aware of the calamity and damages which fraud has caused in most African countries. The mistrusts it has created in the society which also was one of  the great hindrances of Africa’s growths, as you can see, we are not shying away from this than to use the opportunity to tell you more of our beliefs which, of course, is opposite from fraud. 

We believe in challenges, transparency, success and honesty, these pays much more than cheats. We however could not and will never close our doors or deny the whole community the opportunities which are possible because of the few fraudsters, instead we decided to tackle the bull by it’s horns and also putting what we knows how to do best with what we have learnt in our previous and various successful companies into practice.  

Panpost believes in success just like you do and our success doesn’t come by cheating but by creativity! Now that you have known about Panpost, It’s beliefs and services? We hope that you may one day find our service worthy and join us to maximized your opportunities! 


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