How it work

What is Panpost and what is Procurement Service?

Panpost is an African-European courier and procurement service, we are a small team of African courier service in Germany aiming to generate clean and functional courier and procurement service together with you… 

Which products can one buy at Panpost and how fast?

Panpost procurement service is where you can buy over 10 million products from over 800,000 businesses in over 150 countries and pay with your currency! We have a daily flight shipping with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Lagos and dispatch to all towns & villages in Nigeria 

How to use panpost procurement shopping cart?

A very simple steps to source products direct from the producers at the best possible price and delivered to you as fast as possible! See step 1 to 17

Step I

In the following example, let’s assume you want to order iPhone6 at the best possible price (direct from Apple Store) without any middleman and delivered to you as quick as possible… No problem! You click the procurement store link (see the image below), from there you choose Apple Store link at our website: Apple 


Step II

Open the Apple store page link at Panpost from procurement store partner’s page and search for iPhone6 that you would like to order and then enter the detail information at the Panpost Procurement Shopping Cart 



Step III

Enter the iPhone6 product name at the procurement shopping cart’s product name field 


Step IV

Enter the product descriptions together with the product’s link (Url) at the procurement shopping cart’s product description field 



Step V

Enter the product QUANTITY at the procurement shopping cart’s product quantity field 



Step VI

Enter the product WEIGHT at the procurement shopping cart’s product weight field 



Step VII

Enter the product SIZE / COLOUR at the procurement shopping cart’s product size/colour field 




Currency exchange; exchange foreign currency to Nigerian Naira with daily exchange rate updates 



Step IX

Enter the product AMOUNT at the procurement shopping cart’s product Amount field 



Step X

Enter Captcha security at the procurement shopping cart’s Captcha security field 



Step XI

Submit information’s which you have just entered 



Step XII

You will see the product you have just submitted under the procurement shopping cart and on the  E-store B2B. Click add to cart to purchase 




Enter your information’s and address; You most login to complete your order or register now if you don’t haveaccount yet, It takes just a minute! 



Step XIV

Choose payment method and clink make payment to order your product 



Step XV

Check the detailed information about your choosing payment method and make your orders payment to complete your transaction 



Step XVI

You can now continue shopping or go to your account area to review your account 




Access or update your account, track orders or parcels. All your account information’s are here! 



If you need more help please go to our FAQ Page or you Contact-Us! We wish you success in all your dealings. With Panpost… The world is at your doorstep!