To place your order:

1. Log into your Panpost.com account.

2. In the right side of the store page, add details of the item(s) you want to purchase to the Panpost Procurement Shopping Cart. This will launch the order placement process.

3. If you want to add item(s) from other sites? Open another browser window and navigate to the site you wish to buy your item from and add the detail information of the item(s) you want to purchase to the Panpost Procurement Shopping Cart.

4. In the PANPOST window, fill the fields in the “Panpost Procurement Shopping Cart” panel with the details of the item(s) you seek to purchase. Click the Submit Product button to add the item to your order cart.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 to add as many items as suits your purpose to your order cart. When you are done adding items, click the CHECK-OUT button and the rest is a breeze.


Click on HOW IT WORK.

Can I shop/order my items from any online shop based in Europe or somewhere else?

Yes, you can. If the site you wish to order from is not included in our displayed sites, do the following:

1. Open another browser window and navigate to the site you wish to buy your item from.

2. Copy and paste all the item’s information to PANPOST’s PROCUREMENT SHOPPING CART.

3. Go back to your choice site in the other browser window, obtain and supply the information required in the forms on the ordering panel and click “add item”.

4. You can add as many items as you like from as many sites as suits your purpose.

5. If you are done adding items, click on “Submit ” and the rest is a breeze.

What does “Consolidate” mean?


The CONSOLIDATE option is useful when you have multiple items or packages coming from multiple sources and these items or packages may be arriving at different times. We will wait for all the listed items in your consolidated booking to arrived before shipping. Additionally, before shipping out your items, we will consider the most cost effective way of packaging the items in as few packages as possible to reduce the cost of shipping for you.

What is the difference between dimensional weight and actual weight?

Actual Weight / Dimensional Weight

We use the higher of two weight values to calculate your shipping cost. These are the actual or gravitational weight (what you see on a scale), and dimensional weight (a derivative of the dimensions of your package).

For example, when you ship a small box of steel bolts, the actual weight will be high while the dimensional weight will be small. But when you ship a large box containing feathers, the actual weight will be lower than that of the small steel box. However, the containing box for your feather is considerably larger. This larger box takes up space that can be used to ship more small steel boxes to make more money for the airline or ship. In this case, we use this equation to derive a dimensional weight value for your large box:

Dimensional Weight = (Length * Width * Height) / 164

Whichever is higher between the actual weight and dimensional weight is what is used to calculate your shipping cost.

Making payments

We accept all Naira credit/debit cards, wire transfers, cash (only at the Depot) and direct bank deposits.


– We only accept cash at Agents office with special code numbers which the Agent have to confirm first to the customer before payment, point-of-sale (POS) terminals are available to customers who wish to make payments with their Naira credit/debit cards at any of our branches.

– All online payments via credit/debit card attract a convenience fee equal to 1.5% of the amount being paid.

Can I shop online through Panpost.com without having a credit/debit card?

Yes, you can. On the payment page in the order placement process, select the ‘Bank Deposit/Wire Transfer/Cash at Store/Etc…’ option. You will be required to pay to any of our designated bank accounts (listed in your order confirmation email) within 48 hours of placing the order. Failure to do so will lead to the cancellation of your order.

Sending a message

You can make use of the contact form to contact us.

Canceling an order

You can cancel an order while its status is NEW or APPROVED. Beyond these status points, your order cannot be cancelled.To cancel, send an email to [email protected], stating the information for identifying the order, as well as your desire for reimbursement.

Finally, read the Return policy to know the conditions for refund.

What is your service charge?

The service charge on an order is determined by the number of items in the order and a percentage of the purchasing cost of the items in the order. This percentage ranges from 5% to 8%.

What is PS&DG charge?

PS&DG stands for PRODUCT SAFETY AND DELIVERY GUARANTEE. It is an optional fee. If you select the PS&DG option in the order placement process, your purchased items are fully covered in the event of damage or loss in transit from the point of purchase to your chosen point of delivery in Nigeria.

Why do I have to pay sales tax on items purchased online?

This is because online shops have physical presence and are registered to do business in one or more Countries. As a result, they are obligated to charge and remit sales tax to the Country in which they are domiciled.

Are there any charges not disclosed?

No. All charges will be clearly spelt out in your final invoice from PANPOST.

How long does it take to deliver my ordered items?

It takes 2 to 5 business days maximally for us to deliver items that ship by air. • We deliver to all parts of Nigeria. You must specify “home delivery on the shipping method selection page if the delivery address is different from customers address. For those who require home delivery, you must specify “home delivery address”.

Do you ship to other countries apart from Nigeria?

Yes. We ship to Ghana through our Ghanan Partners.

Can I choose the means of conveying my purchased item(s) to Nigeria?

Yes. The available delivery options are displayed in the “Delivery Method” page during the order placement process. Kindly select the option that best suits you.

Is it possible for me to pick up my purchased item(s) from your office in Nigeria?

You can select to pick up your item from our Depot or Branchs in Nigeria during office hours of Monday -Saturday, 8am to 6pm. You need to select the default shipping option “Office”

What if item(s) I purchase through Panpost.com do not meet my exact expectation?

See our return policy for details: http://panpost.com/returnexchange-policy

Can I pay for items from European vendors and ship them to your German office for you to deliver to Nigeria?

Yes you can. With PANPOST.COM/COURIER, our online shipping application, processing the delivery of your purchased items from Europe to Nigeria has never been easier.

Visit PANPOST.COM/COURIER to find out more about this awesome service.

What if you can’t find some or all of the items I want to purchase?

Items not purchased in an order because they are out of stock or not enough information provided will be put to the status of “in question.”

You have the option to log into your Panpost account and edit your order.

After you edit your order and notify customer service, your order may be re-approved for purchase.

If you decide not to proceed with the order, you can request for a refund (see refund policy).

What does it mean when an item is “In-Question”?

This means one of more of the following:

1. The item is out of stock.

2. You may have provided insufficient information to enable the purchase such as colour, size or other information that properly describes what you want.

3. The item violates import or export regulations.

4. You have provided misleading or inadequate information on the weight of your item.

You can log into your account and edit your order. After you edit your order and notify customer service, your order may be re-approved for purchase.

How can I track my order?

After successful placing your order you will receive SMS or Email with tracking number of your order or parcil which you can track the movemnet of your order in our website, you can also track your order by logging into your account. Once logged in, go to your “account area” and view the status of your order(s). You will also receive email notifications for each status update.

How do you process refunds?

All refunds are processed within 5 working days.

There is a basic non-refundable processing fee (N1,500.00) that will be deducted from the total refund amount. This is to cover for the bank COT charges as well as other associated cost necessary to implement your refund.

For orders paid using Interswitch Verve, Mastercard and Visa, a deduction of N1,500.00 applies, in addition to 1.5% of the refund amount, up to the maximum of N2,000.00

In place of a refund, you can request to have the total value credited to your iBBank account on our website, without any deductions. You can use your iBBank credit to pay for part or all of your subsequent orders.

Need more information?

For more information, you can contact any of our operators directly via email or telephone.

Alternatively, you can fill the contact form at the contact us page and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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