Procurement Tutorial?

Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Panpost and what is Procurement Service?

A. Panpost is an African-European courier and procurement service, we are a small team of African courier service in Europe aiming to generate clean and functional courier and procurement service together with you… 

Q. Which products can one buy at Panpost and how fast?

A. Panpost procurement service is where you can buy over 10 million products from over 800,000 businesses in over 150 countries and pay with your currency! We have a daily flight shipping with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Lagos and dispatch to all towns & villages in Nigeria 

Q. How to use panpost procurement shopping cart?

A. A very simple steps to source products direct from the producers at the best possible price and delivered to you as fast as possible! See step 1 to 17 

Q. Panpost have a very low service charge with no additional cost on purchase price, they even offer some free service, how then did they make money?

A. Panpost makes its income through the service charge to cover its operational cost and through royalty from service provider companies, we offer some free service to our regular customers and new customers to grow our monthly purchase since more we purchase more our royalty! 

Q. What happen if my goods get lost?

A. With the kind of delivery operation we use hardly will any goods get lost but even at it or in case of accident or other natural disaster which may result of lost of goods, Panpost takes security of its customers and their belongings very serious by making sure that all clients goods are 99% insured in case of loss or lost through delivering process! 

Q. I never heard of Panpost before, could this be fraud? 

A. Yes, you have never heard of us but now you did. For our transparency and trustworthy service, we are sure you will one day write your own good testimony about our service here!

A.a “Could this be fraud?” No! Not at all. In fact, it is absolutely other ways round. Some of us here at Panpost are from various African Countries and you can be more assured that we are aware of the calamity and damages which fraud has done in most African countries, the mistrust it creates in the society which also is one of  the great hinders of Africa’s growths. As you can see, we are not shying away from it rather than to use the opportunity to tell you more about what we believe in, which of cause is opposite from fraud. We believe in challenge, transparency, success and honesty. Those pays much more than cheats, we however could not and will never take because of the few fraud stars and closed our doors or denied the whole community the opportunities which are possible, instead we decided to tackle the bull on it’s horns by putting what we knows how to do best and what we have learned in our previous and various successful companies into practice. We too believe in success just like you did and our success doesn’t come by cheating but by creativity! 

With the statements above we hope that you might have now known a little about Panpost or about our beliefs and service, we hope that you may one day find our service worthy and join us to maximized your opportunities in life!

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Step I

Open the Apple store page link at Panpost from procurement store partner’s page

apple store





Step II

Search for iPhone 6 and enter the product name at the procurement shopping cart’s product name field


Step III

Enter the product Descriptions together the product’s url at the procurement shopping cart’s product description field


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