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Well Done! To complete the transaction please use your selected payment option to make your payment. After payment, every express orders will be delivered within 2 working days and normal orders 5 working days. For more information’s on Panpost’s payment options please see below!

ibblo Cashless: if you have chooses iBBank payment method, the total amount of your order will be deducted from your iBBank account. If you do not have enough credit, please go to iBBank homepage and top-up your account.

Note: Before you make a cash payment to our partners or agents, Panpost issues both you and the partner a Voucher number through iBBank’s UTAN sms which you both must confirm before payment! Do let us know after placing your order if you want to use store payment option. Click here to let us know. Store-Payment-Option

Other Panpost Payment Options
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Payment with mobile phone:
Payment with Bank transfer:
Payment with PayPal:
Store Payment:

Payment upon delivery:
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